Airdancer Inka Tiitto

World Champion indoor skydiver, wind tunnel coach and choreographer, skydiver and stunt performer
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Inka Tiitto

About Inka Tiitto

Airdancer Inka Tiitto creates stunning performances and stunts – in a windtunnel!

As Indoor Skydiving World Champion 2015 and World Cup Winner 2016 in freestyle, Inka Tiitto is one of the best flyers in the sport. She drives to create esthetic and physically challenging flying choreographies in the airstream flowing up to 300 km/h.

When the normal laws of gravity don’t apply, the possibilities are endless! She draws influence for her flying routines from her experience in dancing, yoga, acrobatics and performing arts.

At the moment Inka travels frequently around the World to train, compete and perform. She loves to share her knowledge about bodyflying and offers coaching for all levels of indoor skydivers from beginners to competing athletes.

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Projects and media

Airdancer for a music video, show or add? Stunt for a movie?

Inka Tiitto has vast experience of creating impressive flying choreographies for different purposes. She has already been working in various projects and done performances around Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA. In March 2016 she starred in Stargate’s music video featuring P!nk and Sia.

If you are interested in learning more about bodyflying and indoor skydiving, Inka is frequently organizing coaching events in different windtunnels. She has been helping numerous junior and adult freestylers and freeflyers on their journey to success.

You can also suggest marketing cooperation or book her as a speaker in your event. Whatever you have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Inka to find out what you could create together!

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